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Your home is the usually the biggest purchase you will make and is your most valuable asset. If you have any damage, you need an insurance agent that will find the best company to fit your needs and settle your claims quickly. We will help you find the right fit for your needs with providing quality service and affordable pricing.

Homeowner policies will differ on where you live, the valuables in the home and which coverages you choose. A comprehensive plan will cover you financially if you have a loss due to fire, theft or other events, in addition to the event if someone is injured on your property.

We have the home insurance specialists that can tailor a specific package to your needs and risks. We have access to many top rated companies to find you the best fit at a fair price. We can quickly compare rates to ensure you don't have any gaps in coverage down the road.

Homeowners insurance policy coverages

  • Property Coverage - to pay for repairs to your home, garage or other buildings that are damaged.
  • Personal Property - if you have a loss of valuables in your home like jewelry, electronics or guns due to theft or damage.
  • Liability - this will cover if there is a claim when someone is injured or their property is damaged.
  • Medical Expenses - this would be medical coverage for someone that is injured, other than a resident, on your property.
  • Living Expenses - if you have a complete loss, you may need extra temporary housing or food when you're forced from your home.

There may also be other coverages that you many want to consider in addition to your basic homeowners policy. These may include personal umbrella, automobile, flood, earthquake or jewelry insurance. Our agents can help you understand your other risks and help you evaluate whether you may need additional coverages in your home insurance plan.

Civil Code Section 2955.5

Did you know in California, it is illegal for your mortgage company to require you to buy more insurance than is necessary to rebuild your house? From the link above, click the box next to "Code" and choose "CIV" and in the Section box to the right, type in "2955.5".

" No lender shall require a borrower, as a condition of receiving or maintaining a loan secured by real property, to provide hazard insurance coverage against risks to the improvements on that real property in an amount exceeding the replacement value of the improvements on the property. "

Condominium/Townhouse Owners

Yes, you need a Condo/Townhouse Policy. Although your Association may have a master policy covering the building for fire or other perils, you need coverage for "Loss Assessment", "Additions and Alterations", your Personal Property, Loss of Use (Living Expenses), and Personal Liability to protect you, the owner. Can you imagine a fire in your building in which the association has insurance to rebuild the structure, but you have no coverage for (1) "Loss Assessment", (2) replacing upgrades to the inside of your home, (3) to replace your contents or (4) provide you with living expense money? In the meantime, you are still required to make your monthly mortgage payment. Call us for quote.


Have you ever added up how much it would cost to replace the contents inside your rented house, condo, or apartment? For anyone who rents a home, condo or apartment, you also need insurance to cover your personal property and to provide liability protection in case you are sued. Again if your "home" burns down, the owner's insurance may pay to rebuild the structure but not cover your personal property.

Did you know that when your car is stolen or broken into, your personal items are not covered by your Auto Policy? That's where your Homeowners, Condo or Renters policies come in.

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Umbrella Policies

In many situations, the results of a lawsuit are more painful than the accident. Once the limits of liability on your homeowners or auto policy are exhausted, the burden is on your bank account and/or future income. Hence, the need for a personal umbrella policy. An Umbrella insurance policy boosts your liability protection and adds coverage for events such as libel and slander, which are not included in auto or home policies.

For as little as $200 per year, you can be covered for up to $1 million dollars for liabilities as a result of an accident. With limits available up to $10 million dollars, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you're covered.

Protect your assets and your future earnings or inheritance today. Call us for quote.

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